Assessment Material Required to be Dispatched to QA Dte Prior to the Visit

Material Required to be Dispatched to QA Dte Prior to the Visit

The following material is required to dispatched to QA Dte before the Visit:-

(a)     Management and Program Mission, Objectives & Outcome

(1) Organogram (with names of officials)
(2) Mission, objectives and outcomes of the program(s)
(3) Significant future development plans for the program(s)

(b)     Curriculum Design and Organization

(1) Curriculum – Semester wise list of courses taught for each program
(2) Record of curriculum reviews carried out during last 3 years for each program

(c)     Students

(1) Section wise Student population
(2) Relegation / termination record for last three years and reasons for relegation / termination
(3) Record of student feedback forms
(4) Attrition rate of Masters/PhD Students, after 1st semester, for last 03 years.
(5) Measures being taken to facilitate Masters/PhD students for easy and regular access to their supervisors during research phase. Presentation of log books being maintained for recording the visits.
(6) Discipline & Programme wise state of MS & PhD Students.
(7) List of MS/PhD Students in last year of extended period and their progress.
(8) Detailed information of all PhD Scholars as per the format at Appendix-A”.
(9) Detailed information of all MS Scholars in research phase as per the format at Appendix-B”.

(d)     Faculty

(1) Details about Full / Part Time and Shared Faculty as per Appendix-C”.
(2) Student / Teacher Ratio
(3) Inbound / Outbound exchange visits of Faculty
(4) Faculty research grants; obtained and utilization
(5) Significant Academic / Research achievements/Collaborations in last five years
(6) No. of Faculty / Student Research papers published during last five years in following journals:
(i) ISI / Scopus Indexed journals
(ii) HEC approved journals
(iii) Others
(7) No. of textbook(s) / book chapters written by faculty member(s)
(8) No. of patents applied / approved in last five years
(9) Record of faculty due for promotion or those not recommended in faculty board of studies (FBS), along with reasons of their rejection.
(10) Record of faculty involvement in the Annual events like conducting seminars, workshops or guest lecture etc.
(11) List of department wise PhD faculty and MS & PhD students being supervised by them.
(12) No of Research Projects acquired by the faculty, the amount involved and MS/PhD students employed on such projects.

(e)     Laboratories and Computing Facilities

(1) List of Labs for each degree program (deficiency, if any)
(2) List of UG courses which each lab supports.

(f)     Library

(1) No. of text / reference books (discipline wise) – deficiencies, if any
(3) e-Books / e-Journals / Software’s accessible to faculty / students
(4) List of Journals subscribed by the Institution
(5) Library Staff (Name, Qualification, Grade, Date of Employment)

(g)     Institutional Facilities

(1) No. of classrooms (indicate any deficiency)
(2) No. of Faculty offices (indicate any deficiency)
(3) Facilities available for students (such as sports, hostel etc.)
(4) Detail of Industrial/Corporate Sector Visit Plan
(5) Detail of Internship

(h)     Administrative / Technical Staff

(1) Particulars of Heads of Administrative sections with qualification, designation and date of employment.
(2) Lists of the personnel nominated for panel interviews (including faculty members, students, heads of administrative sections)
(3) Leave record of faculty


Detail of PhD Scholars 

Name of the Scholar Registration Number Date of Admission Date of transfer to PhD (in case of MS leading to PhD) Degree Requirement  Completion Date
(Maximum Duration)
Date of GEC Formation Credit Hours Completed CGPA Qualifier Exam – Part A
(Date of Exam)
Qualifier Exam – Part B (Synopsis)
(Notification Date)
Research Work Completed
(%gae –
0-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100)
No of PhD Conference Publications/Presentations Thesis – Evaluator Selection (Both foreign and local)
(Date of selection)

Detail of MS / M-Phil Scholars in Research Phase

Name of the Scholar Registration Number Date of Admission Date of GEC Formation Credit Hours Completed CGPA Research Synopsis)
Approval Date)
Research Work Completed
(%gae –
0-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100)


Faculty Information Proforma

Department : __________________                Program / Discipline / Subject: __________________________



Name of Teacher / Designation

*Faculty Status                       (RVF,TVF, Shared) Since

Qualification with specialization and date

Student being Supervised for Project / Thesis

Teaching Load
(Credit hrs)
Published Research Work @ Additional Responsibilities @ PEC Registration No.
(for engineers only)  

@ Other Co-Curricular Activities Date of Joining the Institution


MS / M.Phil



MS / M.Phil






Conferences / Seminars / Workshops etc.

Civic Activities participated/   arranged

Attended Paper Presented


Details of Lab Staff


 __________________                Program / Discipline / Subject: __________________________


Department : ___________________________
Program / Discipline / Subject: ___________________________ Lab Name : _________________________
S# Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Joining date Experience